Remonstrance is a podcast dedicated to Wesleyan-Arminian Reformation and to the global propagation of Orthodox Wesleyan-Arminian theology. Our prayer is that through this podcast less people will misrepresent Wesleyan-Arminian theology and will no longer confuse it with the liberal, unbiblical, or heretical spinoffs that broke away from it. This is certainly a formidable task. Our approach will mainly be two-fold: first, we will approach Wesleyan-Arminian theology systematically. And second, we will approach it in the Reformation spirit of Ad Fontes. We believe that Systematic theology is critical to the life of the Church and it has (sadly) been practically ignored in modern circles that bear the name of “Wesleyan” or “Arminian.” Also we believe that it is important to “go back to the sources” (Ad Fontes) and look at what Wesley and Arminius had to say about theology. If we claim to be Wesleyan-Arminians isn’t that what we should be doing?

Sadly, we soberly acknowledge the tragedy that Arminianism has been misrepresented for over four hundred years. We also sadly acknowledge that Wesleyan theology has been misrepresented for over two hundred years. May we be used to reverse this historical trend. Whether one agrees with Wesleyan-Arminian theology or not we hope that multitudes of people will at least come to an accurate understanding of what it actually is and be able to distinguish it from its liberal, unbiblical, or heretical spinoffs. For all these reasons the purpose of this podcast is not polemical but rather informative. Our focus is not to attack Calvinism or any other theology but instead to inform our listeners of what Orthodox Wesleyan-Arminian theology is.

Download episodes and listen to theological conversations, theological disputations, theological writings, mini lectures, and sermons. May this be the beginning of the establishment of a standard of Wesleyan-Arminian Orthodoxy to replace the theological anarchy that has plagued Wesleyan-Arminianism communities for so long. If other theological traditions know their theology and classical theologians than Wesleyan-Arminians should as well.

We also hope that this podcast will help to bring about the beginning of a better understanding between conservative evangelicals that identify as either “Calvinist” or “Arminian.” There is so much coming against the conservative evangelical Church in our day. We believe it is time to move past the wide divide that exists between us. Don’t get us wrong, there are significant theological differences between these theologies, but we do not believe the divide is as big as it is made out to be. We hope that many of our Reformed and Calvinist brothers and sisters will listen to this podcast and realize that orthodox Wesleyan-Arminian theology is not “as bad” as they think it is or have been taught that it is by those that don’t truly understand it.

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Soli Deo Gloria 

Remonstrance Podcast is a ministry of The Fundamental Wesleyan Society.