Episode 110: Arminius’ Fourfold Doctrine of Predestination (Part 2)

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In this series of episodes we will be diving into Arminius’ Fourfold Doctrine of Predestination as outlined in his Declaration of Sentiments (1608). We will see how it aligns with Covenant Theology, Scripture, and is thoroughly Christocentric. In this episode we will focus on the third and fourth decree in Arminius’ Fourfold Doctrine of Predestination. The fourth is the most controversial because it deals with “particular” election of individuals. We will also look at how Middle Knowledge fits into the theology of Arminius and what W. Stephen Gunter thinks of all of this in the analysis section of his book. 

Resources Used:

Arminius and His Declaration of Sentiments (W. Stephen Gunter)

Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace (Stanglin and McCall)

After Arminius (Stanglin and McCall)

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