Minisode 33: Reflections on After Arminius (Part 2)

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In this minisode I continue to share some of what I have learned so far from “After Arminius: A Historical Introduction to Arminian Theology” by Thomas H. McCall and Keith D. Stanglin. In this minisode I focus on the second part of Chapter 2: “Heat and Light” which focuses on English Arminianism. I start off by sharing what I learned about the controversy surrounding Peter Baro at Cambridge which actually predated the Arminian controversy in the Netherlands! Then we look at the positives and negatives of English Arminianism including the thought of Thomas Jackson, John Goodwin, Thomas Goad, and George Bull.

Here is the link to the article by Richard Muller about Thomas Goad. 

Goading the Determinists: Thomas Goad (1576-1638) On Necessity, Contingency, and God’s Eternal Decree by Richard A. Muller 

Make sure you buy a copy of “After Arminius” for yourself:

“After Arminius” on Amazon 

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