Remonstrance Update!

Hello Everyone,

On Sunday at 10:33 AM the Lord blessed my wife and me with another child. His name is Timothy Luther. Both my wife and Timothy are doing well. Timothy’s older brother, Vincent Wesley, had his first opportunity to meet him yesterday. I am very blessed.

I wanted to let you know that because of these developments there will not be any full episodes of Remonstrance released this month. However, I will be dropping two minisodes next week (Tuesday, January 26th and Thursday, January 28th) where I will share what I have learned so far from “After Arminius: A Historical Introduction to Arminian Theology” by Thomas H. McCall and Keith Stanglin. Here is a preview: this book is absolutely phenomenal!

I hope you enjoy them. Talk to you next week.

-Vin @ Remonstrance

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