Episode 89: Spiritual Gifts (Part 1)

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In this episode we will begin exploring the Wesleyan perspective on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. To do this we will be focusing specifically on the views of John Wesley. We start off discussing the differences between cessationism versus continuationism. Then we provide a historical overview of what else was going on in the Protestant world at the time of Wesley. We will focus on the views of the Calvinists, Puritans, and Anglicans during Wesley’s time. Then we will look at the views of the Lutherans, Pietists, and Moravians. Then we will look at the views of John Wesley and see how they compared to his Protestant contemporaries.

The article we are reading through is:

“Wesley and Charisma: An Analysis of John Wesley’s View of Spiritual Gifts” 

Other Links:

Introduction to Wesleyan Theology I by Kenneth J. Collins

Introduction to Wesleyan Theology II by Kenneth J. Collins

The Theology of John Wesley Audiobook by Kenneth J. Collins

Christ is the Cure Interview with Remonstrance 

Daily Reformation Interview with Remonstrance 

SEA YouTube Interview with Remonstrance 

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