Remonstrance Featured on Christ is the Cure Podcast!

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Ben and Vin had the opportunity to be interviewed by Nick Campbell on Christ is the Cure Podcast! This is what Nick wrote about the interview:

“Today we continue the summer guest series with the Remonstrance Podcast! We’re discussing with two Arminian/Wesleyans on their doctrine to better understand their views and positions.

I want to say, Vin and Ben were an absolute pleasure to discuss with, even though I threw some wacky questions at them. These guys run a solid podcast that you should check out if you’re interested in hearing about the Arminian/Wesleyan perspective.

Here is their website: and they are also on twitter(RemonstrancePod) and instagram (remonstrancepodcast)so go give them a follow over there. Also, for the record, I can now pronounce remonstrance correctly after deconstructing my Texas tendencies.”


One thought on “Remonstrance Featured on Christ is the Cure Podcast!

  1. William Sillings says:

    ALWAYS glad to see the WAY represented positively! And influence expanding. Never forget, Jesus was a Wesleyan-Arminian. Well, at least he was a Nazarene! LOL.



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