Episode 71: Imputation and Impartation (Part 2)


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In this episode we will continue to discuss some specifics regarding the doctrine of Justification by diving into the topic of Imputation and Impartation. First, we will be diving into some scholastic theology. What is the difference between the Formal Cause and Meritorious Cause when it comes to Justification? What did Wesley affirm regarding this question? What about the Active and Passive righteousness of Christ? After discussing this we will move on and discuss why Wesley was so specific about his teaching on Justification. We will then talk about how Wesley was doing what he was doing to defend the doctrine of Justification from distortions. Often Wesley is portrayed (wrongly) as being an attacker of the Doctrine of Justification. When in reality he was defending the Doctrine of Justification from distortion.

Look below for the resources we used.


Wesley on Imputation by Woodrow W. Whidden 

Imputed and Imparted Righteousness (2) by Dr. Vic Reasoner 



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