Episode 69: Falling Away (Part 2)




In this episode we will continue discussing the very important (and controversial) topic of falling away or Christian apostasy. This time we will briefly discuss the views of John Wesley primarily using Thomas C. Oden’s book “John Wesley’s Teaching Volume 2: Christ and Salvation.” We then talk about the similarities between the views of Wesley and Arminius. Next we discuss how both “once saved always saved” and “once saved barely saved” are dangerous extremes and neither are biblical. We will then briefly discuss some of the small differences between Arminius and Wesley which primarily have to do with language and emphasis. Finally, we wanted to let you all know about some great Wesleyan-Arminian theology books available through the Fundamental Wesleyan Society. If you are interested follow the link below.

FWP Bookstore

John Wesley’s Teachings by Thomas C. Oden

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