Episode 61: The International Fellowship of Bible Churches

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In this episode we have the opportunity to sit down with Dr. William Sillings who is the General Superintendent of the International Fellowship of Bible Churches (IFBC). Both Vin and Ben are ordained Elders (pastors) in the IFBC and the church plant they serve is an IFBC church. In this interview Dr. Sillings shares briefly about the history of the IFBC along with what makes it unique among denominations in the broader Wesleyan-Arminian movement. One way is that the IFBC holds to a “classical” Wesleyan theology unlike other groups. Dr. Sillings also discusses how the IFBC emphasizes the inerrancy, authority, sufficiency, and inspiration of Scripture. He also discusses how the IFBC strongly encourages contextualization to local ministry contexts while simultaneously holding strongly to Wesleyan orthodoxy. If you are a pastor who is looking for church affiliation or ordination in a group with a solid Wesleyan-Arminian theology we strongly recommend you look into the IFBC.

IFBC Website

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