Episode 59: The Wesleyan Quadrilateral (Part 1)

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In this episode we will begin to discuss the crisis of biblical authority in the broader methodist movement. We will begin by talking about the United Methodist Church Special Session of the General Conference 2019 and the decision regarding LGBT marriage and ordination. We will then move on to discuss what led to all of this. We would suggest it all comes down to a crisis regarding the question of biblical authority. We will then discuss what issues there are in the broader methodist movement regarding biblical authority. Is Scripture only a means of grace or is it the authoritative word of God as well? Do we have to choose between the two? At the end of the episode we will finally get to the Wesleyan Quadrilateral which we will discuss more extensively in the next episode in this series.


New Global, Orthodox Identity for United Methodist Surprises Many (TGC)

United Methodist Reject Call to Embrace Homosexual Clergy and Same-Sex Weddings (TGC)

A Few Reflection on the 2019 General Conference (Watson)

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