Episode 58: The Synod of Dort (Part 2)

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In this episode we will continue discussing the Synod of Dort which took place from 1618-1619 and led to the “condemnation” of Arminianism by the Reformed representatives. Specifically we will be responding to another article that was published in the January 2019 edition of Tabletalk magazine. This episode we will be focusing on “The Reason for Dort” by W. Robert Godfrey. First we will discuss whether or not orthodox Arminianism is an expression of the “Apostolic Faith” or “one of the greatest challenges to the Apostolic faith” (?) as the article claims. We will then discuss the radicalization of “Arminianism” after the death of Arminius and some of the historical events surrounding the Synod of Dort. We also discuss whether or not Irresistible Grace is necessary to believe in Total Depravity. Finally, we discuss whether or not the Arminians “were uncooperative” or not. Do you sit at the middle table? A link to the article is below.

The Reason for Dort (Tabletalk) 


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