Episode 46: Wesley’s Covenant Theology (Part 2)




In this episode we will be discussing Wesley’s Covenant Theology. As a guide we will be relying on Stanley J. Rode’s book, “From Faith to Faith: John Wesley’s Covenant Theology and the Way of Salvation.” We encourage you to buy and read this book. Links to where you can buy it can be found below. Wesley agreed with Reformed Covenant Theology in almost every way. Where he did differ was in his view of the termination of the Covenant of Works and the universality of the moral law as an expression of the Covenant of Grace so all people can be led to Christ. These adjustments were obvious results of his Evangelical Arminian Theology. We will also be looking at the article by Dr. Vic Reasoner again to clarify the conditionality of covenants found in Wesley’s Covenant Theology as well.

Links to Buy Rode’s Book:


Wipf & Stock

Article by Dr. Vic Reasoner:

“An Arminian Covenant Theology”



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