Episode 31: Christian Perfection (Part 1)




In this episode we will be discussing the controversial teaching of Christian Perfection in an attempt to “de-mythologize” the doctrine. It is our conviction on Remonstrance that Christian Perfection (Perfect Love) is an important doctrine for the Church, as long as it is taught accurately and in accordance with Wesley’s teaching. We will be approaching this doctrine from the perspective of what Wesley taught and not what those who followed him taught. Unfortunately many who claimed to teach this doctrine in his name actually ended up changing the doctrine into something he would have never supported. We spend most of the episode defining Christian Perfection (Perfect Love). The best definition is simply, “Love Excluding Sin.” We distinguish Perfect Love from “Sanctification” and talk about other issues related to this doctrine. Along the way we receive help from T.A. Noble, Randy Maddox, and Kenneth J. Collins. In the next episode we will continue our conversation so stay tuned.


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