Episode 25: Reformation 500 (Part 1)




This month is the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation! It has been 500 years since Luther posted the 95 Theses which was the first act in the rescue of the Gospel. We are excited to celebrate here on Remonstrance and we think ALL Wesleyan-Arminians should be as well. After talking about why it is important for Wesleyan-Arminians to celebrate Reformation Day we discuss the impact of Luther on the conversion, ministry, and theology of John Wesley. We then move on to discuss the need for reformation within Wesleyan-Arminian theology as we move into the 21st century and what we could learn from the Protestant Reformation when doing so. To do so we will be reading through and discussing an article that Vin wrote. Check out the link below.


Reformation Day Episode 2016

Seven Minute Seminary (Kenneth J. Collins)

“A Call for Wesleyan-Arminian Reformation”

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