Episode 24: Sanctification (Part 2)

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In this episode we will continue discussing the doctrine of sanctification from a Wesleyan-Arminian perspective. To do so we will be continuing to working through an article by Chris Bounds specifically about sanctification. There are three major perspectives on sanctification in Wesleyan-Arminian theology: the “shorter” way, the “middle” way, and the “longer” way. in this episode we will focus on the “middle” way and the “longer” way. John Wesley could honestly be read supporting either of these positions. We will contrast Wesley’s understanding of sanctification compared to that of Phoebe Palmer with the help of Henry H. Knight, Kenneth J. Collins, and Thomas C. Oden. We will then discuss which views of sanctification we each hold to. Is it the “middle” way? The “longer” way? Or is it a combination of both?


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Chris Bounds Article

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