Episode #16: Open Theism (Part 2)



Released May 23, 2017

In this episode we continue to explore the question of whether or not Open Theism can properly be categorized as “Arminian” theology. We also want to clarify that these two episodes (15 & 16) were never intended to be a full blown attack on Open Theism, rather they were simply made to inform our listeners what Open Theism is and then determine whether or not Open Theism could be properly considered Arminian or not based on the writings of Arminian scholars. In this episode we read through some quotes by Clark H. Pinnock and ask whether or not he truly took a theological pilgrimage from Augustine to Arminius, or if he went further than Arminius in his pilgrimage. Then we weigh in on some opinions by Thomas C. Oden and John Mark Hicks regarding whether or not Open Theism can properly be considered Arminian or not. Don’t miss the next two episodes of Remonstrance that will be released in June where we will revisit Open Theism again doing a source by source comparison of the writings of Arminius, Wesley, and prominent Open Theist authors. Stay tuned.


Thomas C. Oden on Open Theism

John Mark Hicks Article (READ IT)

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