Minisode 25: Wesley on Faith

Minisode 25: Wesley on Faith

Released February 28, 2017



In this episode we will be reading through a portion of John Wesley’s sermon “Salvation By Faith” to start getting some insight into Wesley’s views on faith. It is clear from this sermon that Wesley did not understand faith as something that people can do independent of the grace of God. Wesley in strong terms emphasizes the divine activity of God in saving sinners. Wesley is clear that faith is a gift of God and that God works faith in men’s hearts. In working faith into men’s hearts, God (in Wesley’s words) shows that He is “mighty to save.” Please read or listen to the rest of this sermon by following the links below. Also, don’t miss the next full episode of Remonstrance that will be devoted to the Wesleyan-Arminian doctrine of faith and will focus on how faith is a gift of God.


Text Version of Sermon

YouTube Version

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