Minisode 23: Wesley On Depravity (2)

Minisode 23: Wesley On Depravity (Part 2)

Released January 31, 2017



This minisode is the second in a three podcast series that will examine John Wesley’s theology in regards to Total Depravity. We will return again and read more from Wesley’s “The Doctrine of Original Sin.” Wesley is even clearer in this section about his thoughts in regards to the natural state of man. He is very clear that man in his natural state is totally depraved and unable to come to God without Divine Grace. In the section we will be reading through a section where Wesley focuses on the will. If you listen to this episode and still claims Wesley was Pelagian or Semi-Pelagian then you either need to listen to the episode again or learn what these terms actually mean. Share this episode with your Reformed friends. It will shock them.

If you want to read through selections of John Wesley’s “The Doctrine of Original Sin” check out the link below. The part of the book that this episode covers begins on page 353 in the version below:

“The Doctrine of Original Sin”

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