Arminius on Depravity (Part 2)

Minisode 21: Arminius on Depravity (Part 2)



Released December 27, 2016

This is the second episode in a three podcast series that will examine the views of Arminius on depravity. In this episode we will be reading through a section of Public Disputation VII: “On the First Sin of the First Man.” Here Arminius describes the impact of the fall on humanity and how sin has spread through the human race. We will then move on and read a selection from his letter to Hippolytus a Collibus where he describes the necessity of grace and the inability of man in VERY strong terms. Another good episode to share with your Reformed friends.


Disputation VII: “On the First Sin of the First Man”

A Letter to Hippolytus a Collibus

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