Arminius on Depravity (Part 1)

Minisode 20: Arminius on Depravity (Part 1)



Released December 20, 2016

This minisode will launch a three podcast series examining the doctrine of depravity as taught by Jacob Arminius. In this minisode we will be reading through a portion of Arminius’s public Disputation 11: “On the Free Will of Man and Its Powers.” Here Arminius contrasts the state of man before and after the fall. He also discusses the impact of sin on mankind after the fall and the benefits of grace given through Christ. There is literally no way that someone could claim Arminius denied total depravity after listening to this episode. Please share this episode to help clarify the position of Arminius in regards to depravity. The link to the full disputation is below.


“On the Free Will of Man and Its Powers”

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