Minisode 15: Arminius on Predestination

Minisode 15: Arminius on Predestination (Part 2)

Released September 27, 2016

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Link: Stitcher

We will be diving into two private disputations by Arminius on this minisode. The first is Private Disputation 40: “On the Predestination of Believers” and Private Disputation 41: “On the Predestination of Means to the End.” In these disputations Arminius presents a very Christocentric understanding of predestination and election while simultaneously showing his strong opposition to human ability without grace! Arminius is not optimistic about anthropology one bit.

Here are the links to the disputations:

Disputation 40:

Disputation 41:

Look out for the next full episode that will drop the first week of October!

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