Remonstrance Minisode 10


Remonstrance Minisode 10: The Systematic Wesleyan

Released July 20, 2016

This episode is a call to study Wesleyan Theology in a systematic way. As Fred Sanders points out, the Wesleyan-Arminian Tradition is not known for its systematic theologians…but they are out there. In fact, NOW is the best time in history to begin studying Wesleyan theology in a “systematic” way because of the resources that are available!  In this episode we will briefly look at why there was a lack of systematic theologians at the beginning of the Wesleyan Movement. We will then look at the early Wesleyan-Arminian Systematic Theologians: Watson, Summers, and Pope. Then we will talk about Thomas C. Oden’s “Classic Christianity.” After that we will focus on why NOW is the best time to study Wesleyan Theology in a Systematic way because of the work that Kenneth J. Collins and Thomas C. Oden have done to systematize Wesley’s theology for the first time in history!  You should really look into buying “The Theology of John Wesley: Holy Love and the Shape of Grace” by Kenneth J. Collins and the four volume set “John Wesley’s Teachings” by Thomas C. Oden.

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