Remonstrance Minisode 9

Remonstrance Minisode 9: Wesley on Imputation



Released Jun 28, 2016

In this minisode we will be mostly reading John Wesley’s sermon, “The Lord Our Righteousness” to investigate his views on Imputation. If you want to understand Wesley’s most mature thought on Justification, and namely Imputation, this is the best sermon to read. He wrote it in 1765 after a time of reflection and refinement of his teaching on this.  Wesley undoubtedly held to the Doctrine of Imputation in a way not very different (if different at all) from his Reformed contemporaries. He (like Arminius) quotes Calvin in explaining his views. Hopefully this minisode will bring clarification to Wesley’s views on imputation and help to stop false accusations against him.  Wesley was also clear to keep his doctrine of Imputation from becoming a “license to sin” and the end of the sermon he covers this concern as well.

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