Remonstrance Episode #3: The Doctrine of the Atonement

Remonstrance Episode #3

This is our third full episode of Remonstrance Podcast. In this episode we will discuss the Wesleyan-Arminian Doctrine of the Atonement. First, we will explain the various major views on the Atonement. They are the Governmental, the Satisfaction, and the Penal-Substitution views. After that we will look at Hugo Grotius and the history of the Governmental View of the Atonement. Then we will look at what Arminius and Wesley taught in regards to the Atonement (spoiler alert: they did not hold to the Governmental Theory). Then we will focus on the views of the Atonement held by the major early Methodist Theologians: Watson, Pope, and Summers. Then we will discuss John Miley and how the Governmental Theory of the Atonement was introduced to Methodism. We will finish with some clarification from Thomas Oden. In this episode we reference works by Roger Olson, Kenneth J. Collins, and Thomas Oden. We highly recommend the works of all three of these theologians.

Here is the link to the J. Matthew Pinson Article on the Atonement:

It is titled, “The Nature of Atonement in the Theology of Jacob Arminius.” If you want to learn what Arminius taught on the Atonement then READ THIS ARTICLE! Also download Remonstrance Podcast Minisode 7.

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